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6 Tips About the Registered Address of Your Hong Kong Company

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A registered address is your official company mailbox in Hong Kong. It's mandatory and used for legal notices, keeps you compliant, and shows legitimacy.

Key Takeaways

Having a registered address is mandatory under Hong Kong law (Section 658 of Companies Ordinance) for all companies.

When using a residential address, ensure accessibility during business hours and comply with display requirements.

Most companies keep statutory records at their registered address but can opt to store them elsewhere with proper filing.

When changing a registered address, the process includes informing the previous service provider and filing necessary forms with the Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department within 15 days of the change.

Your company's registered business mailing address is the address listed in the Hong Kong government's records.

Here are 6 tips about the registered address of your Hong Kong company.

Why Does Your Company Need a Registered Address?

According to Section 658 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, all Hong Kong companies must have a registered office in Hong Kong.

This is the address where all communications and government notices can be sent.

The Hong Kong SAR government usually sends letters to your company address each year: 1 from the Statistics Department and 3 from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

All of these letters have a set submission deadline attached. A late fee will be incurred if that deadline is missed.

This registered address is only used for the administrative registration of your company and not for official business use.

This means that a company can have a separate business address for its day-to-day operations at a location different from its registered address.

A company address shall meet the following conditions:

  • It has to be a location where all communications and notices can be received
  • It has to be a physical address in Hong Kong
  • It cannot be a P.O. box

Based on applicable regulations, a Hong Kong company is also required to display its name and liability status in legible characters at its registered office address and every business venue.

The company name should be easily seen and positioned on the premises stated above for all visitors.

Can You Use a Residential Address as a Registered Address?

Your company address is not limited to commercial or office locations.

This means that a residential address could also be a dedicated business address and used as a registered office address for a company.

If you decide to use a residential location as a registered address, you should:

  • Check whether your tenancy agreement allows its usage as a registered office address
  • Ensure that all communications and notices, including government notices, can be received during business hours
  • Ensure that you comply with the obligation to display the company name continuously on the premises
  • Remember that the address will be made into public information as the registered office address of a business can be easily found

Considering all of these points, most entrepreneurs prefer having another registered office address even if they continue to run their business from home for privacy.

The standard practice is to use the registered address services of a professional company secretary such as Air Corporate.

This ensures compliance and also avoids any mistake in the timely receipt or handling of government notices.

Virtual Address

A business entity in Hong Kong can use a virtual address for company registration.

A virtual company address offers a legitimate business address without needing a physical office space. You can rent a virtual address from various service providers in Hong Kong. This option provides a cost-effective and professional solution, especially beneficial for startups or businesses operating remotely.

You can use the virtual business addresses on your website, marketing materials, and business registration.

The service provider receives your mail and packages and offers options such as mail forwarding, scanning and sending digital copies or holding them for pick-up.

Virtual business addresses offer flexibility and privacy and project a more established image than residential addresses. However, a physical business address might be more suitable for businesses with frequent client meetings or a dedicated workspace.

virtual address hong kong

Do You Need to Keep Your Company Documents at the Registered Address?

Most companies choose to keep their company documents and statutory records (such as the registers of members, register of directors, and significant controllers register) at their registered office address.

However, this is not compulsory. The statutory records can be kept at another address in Hong Kong.

In this case, a NR2 Form shall be filed with the Companies Registry regarding the address at which the statutory records are kept.

What Are the Benefits of Using Air Corporate's Registered Office Services?

Using the registered address services of Air Corporate guarantees compliance with applicable laws.

We bring you peace of mind by:

  • Ensuring immediate attention to government notices that may have a return deadline or be subject to late filing penalties (e.g. tax return, business registration renewal demand note and mandatory survey, etc.)
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of using a residential address as discussed above
  • Ensuring that your company name is always properly displayed at our office in legible characters
  • Enjoying an office address located in prestigious Hong Kong central business districts, ensuring immediate credibility from potential investors and customers. This address can be used on business cards, websites, letterheads and other corporate documents
  • Ensuring that you do not have to report to the authorities, your bank and your business cards each time you move your actual operations to another location
  • Not having to an actual office, which can be expensive in Hong Kong. This is especially relevant if you carry your business from outside of Hong Kong

How Can You Change Your Registered Address to Air Corporate?

If you decide to use our registered address services, we will take care of everything for you. This includes:

  • Informing your previous service provider
  • Preparing the applicable company resolutions for the address change
  • Reporting the address change to the Companies Registry of Hong Kong and the Inland Revenue Department (preparation and filing of IRC3111A and NR1 Form)
  • Helping you in notifying your bank and other business partners about the change of address

Please note that any change of address must be reported to the Companies Registry within 15 days to avoid penalties.

What Is Included In Our Registered Address Service?

Air Corporate offers different incorporation packages available. Some include a registered address service.

We provide more than just an administrative address. Our team opens and scans government letters, bank statements, and other correspondence.

It is a hassle-free service. You can also expect prompt and reliable updates, so you can focus your efforts on developing your business.

Our services notably include:

  • Virtual office address and registered address services
  • Display of company name and liability status in legible characters
  • Statement of confirmation of address available upon request
  • Scanning letter services
  • Mailing letter services
  • Daily letter/parcel notifications via email
  • Address for use as a mailing address (on name cards, letterheads, etc.)
  • Receipt of normal mail, airmail, parcels or registered mails

If you have not incorporated with us, or if you have not appointed us as company secretary for your company, simply contact us if you need a registered address or virtual office address.

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