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How to Get a Business Address in Hong Kong Remotely

how to get a business address in hong kong


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Every year a vast majority of entrepreneurs dream of flocking to Hong Kong to set up their company, thanks to the horde of benefits on offer.

From relaxations on exchange control laws, to low set up costs, there are plenty of reasons why Hong Kong is a popular hub in the Asia Pacific region

However, as per the Companies Ordinance, every business in Hong Kong needs a registered office address to receive communication from the government.

As a result, some business owners may get cold feet about setting up in a business in Hong Kong because they worry about scouting for a traditional physical office.

After all, there are several logistical and financial challenges one has to deal with. 

If you are in the same boat, we have you covered because setting up a virtual office in Hong Kong is always an option.

You can present yourself as a legitimate business without stepping into a physical office space. 

Here’s a primer on why getting this address is important and how to get one:

Why a Remote Business Address Is Important

A remote business address is essential for both legal and practical reasons.

As per Hong Kong laws, a local address in Hong Kong is mandatory for incorporation.

You’ll need to provide the business address in your corporate application form and the same is included in the Certificate of Incorporation of the business.

Moreover, the address needs to be a physical address in Hong Kong and a PO box is not sufficient.

Now let’s take a look at the practical reasons for getting such an address.

A remote business address adds to the credibility of your business.

Potential clients and partners get a positive impression about your operations and consider you trustworthy.

Moreover, it is more cost-efficient to set up a remote business address as your overhead expenses are minimal.

Since you have very few or almost no staff members actually working out of such an office space,  you don’t need to invest much in setting it up or pay for utilities, office furniture, or software. 

When you apply for a business address in Hong Kong remotely, you get the benefits of a ‘brick-and-mortar’ space at a much lower cost.

It also means that you can work from anywhere on a daily basis without having to visit the office space even once.

Lastly, research shows that employees working from a virtual office are more productive than their peers who are chained to their desks.

Getting a Business Address In Hong Kong Remotely

Before you apply for a remote business address, make sure that the following is in order:

  • Cloud-based email service for smooth email communication
  • Updated Softwares
  • Laptop 
  • Telephone system for managing client calls
  • Video conferencing software
  • Document sharing cloud platform so that you can access everything instantly 

And just in case you are wondering if you need to come to Hong Kong to obtain this address, don’t worry.

Air Corporate exists to help digital nomads set up their business in Hong Kong, take care of all the logistical requirements, and simplify the process. 

No matter which part of the world you are in, we can help you get a business address in Hong Kong.

All our plans include a company secretary service and an address for your company.

You can display the address on the website, company presentations, and business cards. 

Our plans and pricing are extremely transparent, and we won’t spring any last-minute surprises on you through hidden charges.

We also offer multiple services to help you incorporate and take care of the operations.

With our assistance, getting your company set up or registered in Hong Kong is just as easy as brewing a cup of coffee!

So contact us right away and get ready to experience the joys of doing business in Hong Kong.


Vivian Au

For many years, I worked at big accounting and company secretary firms in Hong Kong. I started Air Corporate to make the life of entrepreneurs and SMEs easy.

Vivian Au


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