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Excellent customer service and no…

Excellent customer service and no hidden fees. Very transparent. I recommend air-corporate to everyone.

Nazil Afeef


I really appreciate Vivian’s honesty…

I really appreciate Vivian’s honesty and transparency that’s why we choose air corporate at the end. Compared to other companies air corporate is much more personal and their customer service is phenomenal 🙂



Really smooth experience

Vivian offered extremely helpful preliminary advice and oversaw a surprisingly smooth process. Customer service made the decision to go with Air Corporate an easy one and I will use them again.

Jon Boyd Underland


Incorporate Your Business Effortlessly, from Anywhere

Register your Hong Kong company with straightforward, dependable, and transparent pricing.




Only for Hong Kong residents


  • Preparation of incorporation documents
  • Preparation of statutory registers






$560 USD government fees INCLUDED


  • Business registration certificate
  • Company chops and statutory documents
  • 24/7 access to company documents on our online platform
  • Business Account Opening

  • Online bank account opening assistance with our banking partners
  • Certification of documents for bank account opening
  • Company Secretary Services

    (for 1 year)

  • Company’s registered address
  • Company Secretary/Designated Representative
  • Annual General Meeting Resolutions
  • Annual Returns and corporate tax fillings
  • Free Business Templates

  • All you need to run your new registered business. See below





$560 USD government fees INCLUDED


  • All services in All-Inclusive Plan
  • Business Account Opening

  • All services in All-Inclusive Plan
  • Company Secretary Services

    (for 1 year)

  • All services in All-Inclusive Plan
  • Free Business Templates

  • All you need to run your newly registered company. See below
  • PLUS

    Legal and Tax Essentials

  • 1 Certificate of Incumbency issued by our partner law firm in HK
  • 5 hours legal and tax free consulting

How To Register Your Company In Hong Kong?


Apply for Your Company Registration

We prepare all application documents for your electronic signature. It's a swift process, taking just 5 minutes.


Incorporate Your New Hong Kong Company

We handle all administrative requirements with the Hong Kong Companies Registry. After your company registration, we send you the Certificate of Incorporation from the Hong Kong Companies Registry and the Business Registration from the Inland Revenue Department.


We assist you to open a bank account with a traditional bank


or a global payment account with online providers:


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Open the Right Bank Account for Your Business

Save time and get expert guidance to choose the right account.


Traditional or Online Banks

Pick what suits you.

Multi-Currency Acccounts

Handle global transactions with ease.

Payment Gateways

Handle global transactions with ease.

Why Choose Air Corporate?

At Air Corporate, we go beyond mere company registration; we streamline and simplify the entire process of forming and managing your new Hong Kong company, ensuring a hassle-free experience

We achieve this by striking the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and invaluable human expertise.

Remote Hong Kong Company Registration

We offer the convenience of remote company registration, eliminating the need for physical presence.

Online Accounting

Our online accounting solutions make financial management effortless, keeping your business on track.

Digital Bank Account Opening

Seamlessly open your business account online, ensuring quick and efficient banking services.


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Our YouTube channel is your gateway to valuable insights Our experienced team has assisted countless entrepreneurs, businesses, and SMEs in navigating the complexities of the Asian business landscape through our informative videos and tutorials.

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Benefits of Hong Kong Offshore Company Registration with Air Corporate

Unlock a world of advantages with Air Corporate's Hong Kong Offshore Company Registration:

Complete Ownership for Foreigners

Enjoy full ownership of your company, even as a foreigner.

Low-Profit Tax Rates

Experience the benefits of profit tax rates as low as 0%.

Tax Exemptions

Your foreign-sourced income is exempted from corporate income tax, and there are no sales tax, import tax, capital gain tax, or tax on dividends and interest.


No Withholding Tax

Rest easy with no withholding tax on dividend distributions and interest payments made to residents or non-residents.

Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business: Hong Kong was ranked the world's third easiest country to do business with in 2020 by the World Bank.

Gateway to Mainland China and Asian Markets

Benefit from a straightforward gateway to Mainland China and thriving Asian markets.

Key Features of Hong Kong Limited Company Registration with Air Corporate

Our Hong Kong Limited Company Registration comes with these key features:


Remote Incorporation

Open your company and bank account without visiting Hong Kong.

Director and Shareholder Flexibility

You need only one director and one shareholder to start your venture.

Local Registered Address

We provide a local registered address to meet regulatory requirements.

Local Company Secretary

Our professional company secretary ensures smooth compliance with local regulations.

No Minimum Paid-Up Capital Requirement

Enjoy the flexibility of not needing to maintain a specific paid-up capital amount.


Company registration of a Hong Kong company is easy. Hong Kong companies enjoy a tax-friendly environment (0% profit tax on business conducted outside of Hong Kong, no VAT). You do not need to reside or travel to Hong Kong to register your company. You don’t even need to deal with Hong Kong authorities, we do it for you.

Absolutely. You don't need to be physically present in Hong Kong to launch your new venture. Our role as your Company Secretary ensures a smooth incorporation process, regardless of your location.

Yes, Hong Kong's legal framework welcomes foreign entrepreneurs. There are no restrictions on foreigners looking to establish businesses in the region.

Certainly. Every Hong Kong company must have a local registered address. Rest assured, all our plans provide a business address that you can use for your website, presentations, business cards, and more.

To register your company with Air Corporate, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Company Name: Choose a unique name for your Hong Kong business.
  • Company Secretary: Appoint a company secretary, a crucial step for foreign-owned companies.
  • Legal Structure: Decide on the legal structure, such as a limited liability company.
  • Registered Address: Ensure you have a local registered business address, included in our package.
  • Identification Documents: Prepare passport copies of company owners and directors.

A company secretary is mandatory for all registered businesses. They handle administrative aspects, such as company registry, business registration, dealings with the inland revenue department, and corporate tax filings. All our plans include comprehensive company secretary services.

Company directors are pivotal during the registration process. They oversee the company on behalf of shareholders, ensuring compliance with Hong Kong laws. Any changes to directors after incorporation may require a formal process.

Online company registration in Hong Kong typically takes just about 1 hour once all required documents and information are prepared.

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in Hong Kong manages taxes and duties. As a registered company, you'll need to annually file your company tax return with the IRD to determine your tax obligations.

Yes, it's possible to change company directors and shareholders after your company is registered in Hong Kong. However, it involves a formal process that may include notifying the Companies Registry, updating the company's Articles of Association, and updating the company's registers. It's advisable to seek professional guidance to ensure compliance with Hong Kong's legal requirements and regulations when making such changes.

A business registration certificate, issued by the Hong Kong Business Registration Office, provides vital information about your company. It includes your business name, nature, address, type, start date, expiry date, and certificate number. This certificate is a requirement for businesses operating in Hong Kong.

The certificate of incorporation, issued by the Companies Registry of Hong Kong SAR, certifies the successful establishment of your Hong Kong-based limited liability company. This document is legal and available in both Traditional Chinese and English languages.

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