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Excellent customer service and no…

Excellent customer service and no hidden fees. Very transparent. I recommend air-corporate to everyone.

Nazil Afeef


I really appreciate Vivian’s honesty…

I really appreciate Vivian’s honesty and transparency that’s why we choose air corporate at the end. Compared to other companies air corporate is much more personal and their customer service is phenomenal 🙂



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Vivian offered extremely helpful preliminary advice and oversaw a surprisingly smooth process. Customer service made the decision to go with Air Corporate an easy one and I will use them again.

Jon Boyd Underland


Switching to Air-Corporate is
easy, all it takes is 1 email


1 Email and we take care of the rest


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Trusted by 1,000+ entrepreneurs and SMEs



According to law, all HK companies must have a company secretary. This company secretary should be an individual residing in Hong Kong or a duly licensed Hong Kong provider. A company secretary helps you handling the administrative matters of your company.

A company secretary helps you ensuring that your company remains in good standing at all times. We help you monitor statutory deadlines and access your company documents online 24/7, all at a reasonable price and with a dedicated and professional team.

Simply select one our the packages on our website. We will then take care of the rest, including liaising with your existing company secretary to arrange the take over of your company record and documents. You basically don’t have to do anything.

Any company registered in Hong Kong must have a local address. Our Unlimited company secretary package includes a statutory address. You can use it on your website, business card or letterhead.

No, a Hong Kong company does not need a local director. This is the main difference between companies in Hong Kong and Singapore (the latter requires a local director).

Our incorporation packages include our Unlimited Company Secretary service for 12 months. This means that you do NOT need to purchase a company secretary package when you register your company.


Company secretarial services and governance made easy and painless

At Air Corporate, our corporate secretarial services keep your business running smoothly and out of any trouble whether it be with taxes, reporting, and other potential pitfalls that can sneak up on you. Our supremely keen admins run your administration like a tight ship.


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