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A few words from the Founder

My name is Vivian Au, Founder of Air Corporate.

For many years, I worked at big accounting and company secretary firms in Hong Kong. Yes, I was the lady making you sign tons of papers to register your company and taking you to the bank to open your company account. Boring, I know.

One day I woke up.

My job had become frustrating. My employers were just satisfied with a mediocre service level, no innovation or fee transparency. I was not getting any younger and wanted to do my own thing.

I started Air Corporate to make the life of entrepreneurs and SMEs easy. Create a Hong Kong company online, remotely, 24/7, success guaranteed, seamlessly, paperless and at the right price. Those were and remain the ambitions.

A few years down the road, we incorporated and still manage hundreds of companies, thanks to an amazing team. We have become a tech company with strong backing from the local tech community.

But I never forget that Air Corporate is an entrepreneurial story…the same as yours.

I know the challenges of starting and running your own business.

If you have any questions about us, or any comments about our service, please contact me at [email protected]

Vivian Au

What We Do

Register your HK company remotely

We register all forms of companies in Hong Kong.

Our cloud-based platform helps registering your Hong Kong company easily and in a secured environment. The process takes a few hours only, success guaranteed. You do not need to travel to HK.

Save time, paper and save money.

Manage your company online

After incorporation, you can access and download your company documents on our online platform, accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

You can also use our platform to reorganize your company at any time.

Open your business account online

We help you open a business account for your company all online and remotely with Statrys.

While we can never 100% guarantee the opening of a business account, our success rate is over 95%

We can also help you open a bank account with traditional banks, but this still requires travelling to HK in most cases.

Pain-Free Accounting

Any hour spent by an entrepreneur or business owner on accounting is wasted.

We use the latest digital tools to make sure that you spend as little time as needed on bookkeeping and accounting.

What Makes Us Different

We use the right balance between technology and human experience,
we help you save money while keeping you safe when incorporating and managing your company.

Pay Less Get More

Work with Air Corporate and get access great and free resources:

  • All your company documents on our online platform
  • Digital company chops
  • HK compliant invoices templates
  • Standard contracts

and much more…

Experts in what we do

Registering a company should be fast and easy, but not be a commodity. All our team members are experts in their field:

  • Company formation
  • Company secretaries
  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants
  • Tax experts
  • Lawyers
  • Tech experts

Our team members are always here to help you make the right choices and decisions.

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